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Open Enrollment:

Investment options

$1,000.00 Original price. (interest free)

Affirm -Pay later options as low as $60.00 per month

$395.00 - TDL Plan 3months (interest included)

Why should I apply?

Our customizable curriculum provides a 101  feel to the course! My goal is to help you become a recognized authority by teaching you innovative and sustainable techniques that positively impacts the self-esteem and confidence of your clients. 

Unlike braids, locs hold history and the lack of proper education in the industry has caused severe damage ,traction alopecia, scalp infections and a decline in the holistic component required to truly cater to hair health.

The loctician Blueprint is an online course designed to fill those gaps. 


We are going to show you our proprietary process that we are using right now to generate leads in our business. Our mastered techniques and business formulas responsible for our current success. This exposes our inner workings of our business and as a result, all sales are final. 

Commonly asked?

Will I earn a certificate ?

Yes! The loctician Blueprint is a certificate course. We want you to have proof of your education.

Can I take the course if i'm already a loctician?

Yes, I've mentored  existing loctician's and helped them attract local and traveling clientele. This course is designed to introduce hair health practices that any stylist can use to grow their craft.

How do i know if this course is for me?

  • If you are an existing cosmetologist looking to niche down.

  • A struggling loctician who can't seem to bring in a consistent clientele .

  • An aspiring loctician who wants to enter the industry with the knowledge that has taken others years to obtain.

  • A braider looking to expand your services without compromising integrity .

Shopping list: (not included)

  1. Mannequin Head 

  2. tail combs

  3. Tapered combs/ barber combs.

  4. Duck clips

  5. Crocodile clips

  6. Rubber bands.

  7. hair pins

  8. True dream loc styling foam

  9. spray bottle


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