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Good morning, I pray you're starting your day in love. I have been so blessed in the last 24 hours. I actually wasn't feeling my best mentally and allowed some things to get to me. But in the middle of my mess, decided to go out and watch the sunrise. I made a habit to pray, read my bible. Funny thing is, I was angry during this process. I allowed my emotions to be fully transparent. Plus, you cant fool God.

Anyways what I learned, and I'm sure what I'll continue to learn, is the moment I fully surrendered, I opened a new door. I'm not perfect but my God is.

I pray anything you are battling or challenged with, you are to seek God and see the lessons.

Love y'all 🥰

Patty B.
SylBoogie Hill


I'm so happy you've joined the group🥰. I will be sharing my...
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